Tire Patch

 We repair punctured tires using a chemically bonded patch from the inside of the tire and wheel assembly.  To do this, we dismount your tire from the rim and buff the injured area.  Once cleaned from debris and adhesive is applied, we firmly apply the patch and let the adhesive bond.

After the tire is patched, we mount the tire to your rim, making sure to seal the bead area and service/replace the valve.  After installation the wheel assembly is rebalanced. 

We then clean the mounting surface of your vehicle and service the studs if needed, and re-torque the wheel to manufacturer specifications before delivering the vehicle back to you.

Rim Re-sealing

Sometimes the rim and tire assembly can become corroded or rusted.  This is common in certain seasons where the weather begins to change temperatures.  The corrosion causes the tire to not maintain a proper seal around the bead area and the air slowly seeps out of the assembly.  To correct this, we dismount the tire and grind down all the impeding corrosion.  Upon re-installation we use a liquid rubber sealing compound to make sure the corrosion doesn’t return for years.  After the tire has been balanced and mounting surfaces cleaned, we hand torque the wheel to factory specifications and return your vehicle to you.

Other Services

We also service TPMS valves (tire pressure sensor leaks); plug tires/tire plug and fix any other reasons for having a flat tire.

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