Kumho Tire’s world-renowned quality is a result of a strong commitment to advanced design technology. Excellent products that deliver optimum performance, quality, and most importantly, safety, are the Kumho Tire’s promise.


Kumho Tire’s advanced patented technology maximizes tire performance by optimizing braking capabilities and improving steering for safe, comfortable driving.


A new generation of revolutionary tires employs a special rubber compound that puts safety first. With run flat technology, you can remain in control of your vehicle even after your tire is punctured.


Advanced high performance design and aerodynamic racing technology is produced with cost-efficiency. This is the Kumho Tire F3 advantage.


Our products combine technological innovation with an environmentally sound vision. In a campaign to help preserve the environment, Kumho Tire has made a pledge to develop environment-friendly products. HA (High Aromatic) Oil refers to the untreated “DAE (Distillate Aromatic Extract)”, which is vacuum-distilled crude oil. When used excessively, such as in the auto industry, HA Oil causes environmental pollution. Kumho Tire has begun to produce HA Oil-free technology for tire models PTN 7401 and KW11.


Kumho Tire believes that the next generation of tires should display excellence in performance, safety, and environmental awareness. Years of research and investments have led to the development of the ECOTRON tire for electric vehicles. Unlike ordinary tires, Silica, a new type of anti-impact material, and special Carbon Black are used. This cutting-edge combination results in a lower rolling resistance of up to 45% and a reduced combustion rate of almost 10%, which in turn reduces the amount of pollutant emissions into the air.


Kumho Tire continues to crusade for the environment by developing new products and implementing various recycling efforts. Two special environmentally sound products, the SOLUS and POWER RACER II tires are certified with EL Markings from the Environment Labelling Association in Korea. Eco-conscious endeavours include reducing the weight of tires, which is not only cost-efficient but key in lowering the total volume of used tires. Improving tire abrasion performance has also extended the tire’s life cycle. In overall production, use of hazardous primary and secondary materials has been substantially minimized.